Our Staff

                Owned and Operated by: Barrett & Dianne McDonald


                Charleston Office:


                Managers: Ben McDonald, Tracy Joslin


                Accounting Manager/System Admin: Dave Pritchard

                Accounting Dept: Bill Schoolcraft, Carol Ising


                Inside Sales: Barrett McDonald, Mike McLaughlin, Jesse Pauley,                                                           Joshua McDonald


                Hose Shop Manager: Rich Joslin

                Hose Shop: Jamie Stone, Larry Spencer, Colton O’Brien, Chance Cobb,                                                Eddie Powell and Ted Stone


                Gasket Shop Manager: Noah McDonald

                Gasket Shop: Dave Biber


                Fabrication Shop Manager: Tim George

                Fabrication Shop: Jason Pauley


                Shipping & Receiving Manager: Clarence Pauley

                Shipping & Receiving: John Greenlee


                Bridgeport Facility:


                Manager and Salesman: Mike Rexrode

                Hose and Gasket Shop: Cole Harvath, Zain Harvath, Herb Croston,                                                      Patrick Ash, Abram Ash and Bob Gowen