Crimper Lease Program

Nova Rubber Company selectively offers a $1.00 per year lease program for crimping machines. The prospective leaser must place an initial stock order of $3,500.00 or more. To maintain the crimper, the customer must continue to purchase at least $5,000.00 of hydraulic hose and fittings each year.The offered crimper would be capable of crimping hose assemblies up to 1-1/4" ID.


To obtain a crimper capable of crimping up to 2" ID, the leaser must place an order of $8,000.00 or more and purchase at least $10,000.00 worth of hydraulic hose and fittings each year thereafter to maintain the lease. In addition, the customer must make timely payments on all invoices to insure a good credit relationship with the Nova Rubber Company.

Sample Hose Crimper

Below is a video of the process of crimping a hose using a crimper similar to those we will provide in our Crimper Lease Program.